3D Printer 3MM MK3 Aluminum HeatBed 310x310mm (12v)

925,00 EGP

  • Description:
    • Dimensions: 310x310x3mm
    • Color: Black
    • Power Input: 12V
    • Power: 120W
    • Laminate FR4 1.6±0.15mm
    • 2 layer, 35μm copper
    • Technology: aluminum plate
    • Copper plated holes
    • Resistance: under 12V voltage, resistance 1.2 ohms


  • Features:
    • 1. 12V power arbitrarily connected.
    • 2. Double-sided, without cable, heating uniformity, smooth printing .
    • 3. Indistinguished between positive and negative poles, arbitrarily wiring.
    • 4. Borosilicate materials, high transparency.
    • 5. Heating the adhesion are good, plastic parts easily separated after cooling.
    • 6. Eliminates the trouble of replace the special plastic film, does not exist the special plastic film reduce viscosity problem.
    • 7. Suitable for Reprap machine heated circuit boards.


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