BIGTREETECH TMC2209 V1.2 Stepper Motor Driver UART

160,00 EGP

TMC2209 V1.2 GitHub/Manual:

What is the difference between TMC2208 and TMC2209 SilentStepSticks?

(1)TMC2209 SilentStepSticks have output drivers with a lower power dissipation and a higher current is possible.

(2)TMC2209 SilentStepSticks feature coolStep and stallGuard4(optimized for stealthChop).

(3)TMC2209 SilentStepSticks can be switched between stealthChop and spreadCycle mode via a configuration pin(SPREAD).

(4)TMC2209 SilentStepSticks drivers have the v2 pinout(Vref and DIAGO swapped).

TMC2209 V1.2 VS TMC2208, more of these functions:

1. blocking rotation detection

Stallguard–TMC2209 provides a load and loss of speed detection technology

2. Current dynamic adjustment

Coolstep–TMC2209 provides a current dynamic regulation technology that saves up to 75% of electrical energy.

TMC2209 V1.2:

Stepper Motor Driver based on a Trinamic TMC2209

– Hardware compatible with StepStick and Pololu A4988

– Step/Dir interface with microstep interpolation (up to 256 microsteps)

– stealthChop2 – for quiet operation and smooth motion

– spreadCycle – highly dynamic motor control chopper

– coolStep – current control for energy savings

– stallGuard4 – sensorless motor load detection


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