Gas Sensor Carbon Dioxide Detection Sensor Module CCS811 CO2 eCO2 TVOC Air Quality Detecting I2C Output CJMCU-811

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CJMCU CCS811-811 air quality monitoring Digital Internal gas sensor
the CJMCU-811 is an ultra-low-power digital gas sensor that integrates a sensor and a CCS801-bit MCU with an analog-digital converter (ADC) for detecting indoor air quality, including carbon monoxide (CO) and a wide range of Volatile Organic compounds (VOCs).
air quality sensor CCS811 characteristics:
Ultra-low power consumption can be used in battery powered equipment
high sensitivity, fast heating
Intelligent algorithm calculates TVOC / eCO2 values
I2C signal output, direct communication with the main system
the main characteristics of the air quality sensor CJMCU-811:
metal oxide (MOX) sensors to monitor indoor air quality
a-bit MCU is integrated to perform the ‘first-level algorithm
adc built in for sensor readings and digitized conversions
I2C slave interface can be connected directly to the master control system
Reset / interrupt control


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