Heater 12V / 24V 50W 6*20mm 1m

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Voltage: 12V / 24V
Power: 50W
Heating head size: 6*20mm
Heating head material: 304 stainless steel
Line length: 1M
Line thickness: 0.5mm⊃2; (The cross-section of the copper wire inside the heater is 0.5mm⊃2;)
Heating temperature: up to 350 degrees
1. The effective heating part of the heater should be kept dry.
2.The electrical conductor of the single-ended heater should be placed on the outside of the insulation layer and the heating chamber, and the operating voltage should not exceed its rated value of 10%. The shell must be effectively grounded.
3.The working environment of the electrical components, the temperature should not be more than 95 degrees, and there are no explosive or corrosive gases.
4. Electrical components should be stored in a dry place.
Package included:
1x Ceramic Cartridge Heater

12V, 24V


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