Ultrasonic Sensor Module HC-SR04

40,00 EGP


General Description:

Distance measurement sensor is a low cost full functionality solution for distance measurement applications. The module is based on the measurement of time flight of ultrasonic pulse, which is reflected by an object. The distance to be measured mainly depends on the speed of ultrasonic waves in space or air –which is a constant- and the flight time of the pulse.
The module performs these calculations and outputs a pulse width depends on the measured distance, this pulse is easily interfaced to any microcontroller.

Download the datasheet below to find example code with this sensor using PIC16F628A and other for ARDUINO UNO board.


• Supply voltage +5Vdc
• Supply Current 10mA
• Measurement distance Range from 2cm to 400cm.
• Input trigger pulse is 5V TTL compatible (5 μs minimum).
• Output echo pulse is 5V TTL compatible.
• Size 44.5mm W x 20mm H x 15mm D.
• Interface connector 4-pin header SIP, 0.1” spacing.
• Operating temperature range 0° – 70° C.


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